Vitamins & Supplements

It has been said that the American people are the most malnourished people in the world, despite the overabundance of food products that are available to them.

Most foods when they are in their natural state are full of life-giving vitamins and minerals. The problem is, most of the food products found in food outlets are devitalized and demineralized, in addition to being loaded with all kinds of additives and preservatives.

In addition, cooking and chemical interference change the natural properties of food. For example, soybean oil in its natural state has many health building properties, but when this oil is superheated, refined, bleached or hydrogenated it becomes a lifeless harmful substance with absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever.

Due to this situation, we are obviously not receiving the proper amount of vital vitamins and minerals that are necessary for proper health. This constant consumption of devitalized and demineralized food, besides the fact that the body receives almost no nutritional benefit from these foods, makes that the body has to constantly take from its own reserve of minerals to keep its optimum health.

Modern researchers have recognized this fact and therefore, synthetic vitamins are added to many of the worthless food products to replace the vitamins lost in the refining process. As if adding synthetic vitamins will make these dead foods come alive once again!

One of my favorite nutritional jokes that I enjoy telling people is, reading the label on a typical box of “breakfast” cereal. In big block letters the label reads, “FORTIFIED WITH 12 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS” What a sick joke! How can a few synthetic vitamins cover up for all the other “healthy” ingredients that are found in the cereal? Things like refined sugar (lots of it), artificial food colors, BHT, BHA etc.. How many gullible parents are feeding their children such junk cereals for breakfast because they are misled by this caption.

In addition, most of the crops grown for human consumption are now grown on mineral deficient soils and the problem is becoming worse every year. Supplementation is therefore the only way to get all the vital nutrients and anti-oxidants in the quantities the body needs to remain completely healthy and free of disease.

What is a great way to get your intake of essential vitamins? Besides of course, consuming foods that contain these vital nutrients. Why, supplements in the form of vitamins you will say. Isn’t that the most logical way to correct vitamin deficiencies? The answer is yes and no. Yes if you take the right kind of supplements, but absolutely no if you take the wrong kind of supplements.

There are basically two kinds of vitamin and supplement products available

The first and most common vitamins and supplements are the ones that can be found virtually anywhere, they’re known simply as” vitamins.” The second kinds of supplements are known as whole food supplements.


The most common kind of vitamins and supplements “vitamin supplements” refers to a specific nutrient that has been isolated and put into capsule form. In other words, when you ingest the vitamin all you receive is that pure isolated nutrient and nothing else, plain and simple. So what’s the problem you will ask? Isn’t that what I desire? Say I’m deficient in vitamin C why wouldn’t the vitamin correct my deficiency?

The answer is really quite simple; our bodies don’t want “nutrients” they want “food”. Our bodies are designed to absorb food. When they absorb food they absorb the nutrients in the food as well.

In other words, vitamins and nutrients need a transport package to be able to transport the nutrients to the proper cells. This transport package is the food that the nutrient comes packaged in. When our bodies digest the food they will digest the vitamins as well. On the other hand, an isolated nutrient is a stranger to the body and therefore will not be readily absorbed into the system.

In addition, nutrients influence each other by working together. They help each other to create working reactions within the body. In conclusion, Nutrients are just not designed to work by themselves.

For optimal health, there is nothing better or more compatible to the human body than nutrient-rich, unprocessed whole foods in their balanced, natural state.

Studies have shown that only about twenty percent of isolated nutrient vitamin products are absorbed into the system, and the remaining eighty percent are recognized as toxic waste by the body, thus creating a potential environment of bio-chemical imbalances and toxicities.

For example, recent studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health, show, that taking beta-carotene in supplement form may actually increase the risk of some cancers, even though all evidence shows that getting the same vitamins in whole food form is beneficial.

Due to the above- mentioned factors, it is quite obvious that standard supplement products are NOT RECOMMENDED, and should be avoided.

Whole Food Vitamins And Supplements

The scientific community has recognized this fact in the last few years, and therefore, an entirely new kind of supplement product has been born: whole food supplements. These supplement products are basically whole foods that been concentrated into tablet or powdered form. Whole food supplements are vastly superior to their standard vitamin cousins since you receive the nutrients together with the entire food package.   Click here to learn  more on the supreme health benefits of whole food supplements.