Recommended Supplements for Candida Treatment

The most common natural approach to treating Candida is a anti-Candida diet in conjunction with some form of anti-Candida-yeast supplement. The purpose of the supplement is to restore the natural balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract.


Many different types of anti-fungal medicines are commonly prescribed to treat Candida, including Amphotericin B, fluconazole, nystatin and ketoconazole. Like many other prescription drugs, these often come with unwanted side effects.

The only Candida treatment many medical doctors seem to know, is to prescribe antibiotics to treat this condition. NO, antibiotics are NOT the answer. If you choose the antibiotic path, it will not be long before your body will  be screaming out for help as your immune system begins to break down and show signs of weakening from all of the antibiotics that you will be taking. Taking antibiotics or medications will only feed the Candida and make you feel worse!

Every year, Americans spend over $2 billion on over-the-counter Candida treatment products aimed at treating disorders and symptoms associated with Candida albicans.

…But after wasting all that time and money, they still have the infection!

When you take antibiotics, the good bacteria are often killed along with the disease-causing ones. This leaves yeast, such as Candida which is not affected by antibiotics, to grow unrestrained, proliferating and overrunning the intestinal tract. The consequence is a yeast overgrowth or infection.

Common sense dictates that your body needs a cellular support formula that enhances your body’s immune function so that balance and wellness can be maintained safely and naturally.

What is a recommended Candida supplement treatment product?

After extensive research, it is my opinion that the following products are most probably the best all natural anti-Candida supplements currently available.

1. ThreeLac by Global Health Trax Inc. [Highly recommended].


ThreeLac is the most effective Candida defense product in the marketplace. This proprietary formula is teeming with live bacteria that start to work immediately to help rid the body of resilient Candida organisms. You can expect results starting with day one! This product works by injecting live bacterial organisms into the intestinal tract, thereby killing the bad bacteria in the process.

The secret behind ThreeLac’s effectiveness is the micro-encapsulation process that gets the Candida-fighting live bacteria safely past the acidic environment in the stomach. These oxygen-friendly bacteria go to work “dining” on anaerobic problem organisms that your body does not need. An added benefit is that it helps to balance the body’s pH.

Many people have reported that this product has cleared their Candida problem even without any special so-called Candida diet. Of course the ultimate goal should be to recover from Candida without having to stay on a strict diet. Unfortunately, the only way to verify these claims is through real- life trial and error.

The following testimonial about ThreeLac which speaks for itself, can be found on  the Customer Reviews section of I have found that for ThreeLac to work, you need to eliminate white sugar from your diet. This makes sense because sugar helps the yeast to grow. It works faster if that cultivating element is eliminated from the diet. There are other sites that tout the “Candida diet” which is basically eliminating nearly everything, but with this product, it seems that sugar is the only thing that needs to be reduced or eliminated for it to work. I would encourage the person who said that it was a scam to evaluate his diet and take it for a little bit longer, and he will see results from it.” Click here to learn more about the benefits of Three Lac.


Fungal Defense Anti Candida Supplement

2. Fungal Defense Candida and yeast cleanse produced by Garden Of Life Inc.

This powerful anti-Candida formula contains potent anti-yeast and anti-fungal functions It contains probiotic strains of beneficial HSOs (Homeostatic Soil Organisms) that restore healthy intestinal flora.

Fungal Defense works by injecting beneficial bacteria into the intestinal tract, thereby displacing the so-called bad bacteria.  Fungal Defense compounds stimulate and enhances Immune Functions. Probiotic strains of beneficial HSOs (Homeostatic Soil Organisms) restore healthy intestinal flora.

Caproil Supplement For Candida Infection

3. Caproil – CaprylicAcid produced by Inno-Vite Inc.

Caprylic acid, a fatty acid, is a broad-spectrum anti-fungal agent effective against Candida albicans and other fungi, but harmless to friendly intestinal flora. It is effective not only against the yeast form of Candida, but also the invasive mycelial form because it is absorbed by the intestinal mucosal cells. Oleic acid hinders conversion of the yeast form of Candida to the more injurious mycelial form. The safflower oil in Caproil is high quality first press and solvent free.

Caproil, containing liquid caprylic acid (extracted from coconut oil) and oleic acids (in safflower oil), is the fungicidal component of the Attogram products. Caproil contains 1600 mg Caprylic Acid per Tablespoon.

Caproil Supplement:

  • Helps rid the entire body of yeast overgrowth.
  • Cleanses the intestinal tract and colon.
  • Replenishes good bacteria.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Relieves symptoms of fatigue, poor concentration, skin problems and more.

Many nutritionists and natural health practitioners have reported excellent results with Caprylic Acid for the treatment of Candida.

Note: Only liquid caprylic acid is effective against Candida. The caprylic acid in Caproil, being a liquid, has a coating action on the intestinal wall, which tablets and capsules cannot match.

Caproil is designed to work together with Psyllium Husk powder. With the liquid Caproil product, the Psyllium slowly escorts the caprylic acid along the entire gastrointestinal tract, ensuring complete coverage of the colon and preventing it from being inactivated by the liver (which is what occurs when taken in pill form as opposed to liquid form).

Additionally, I would recommend taking an acidophilus supplement that contains the live culture called Lactobacillus Acidophilus. These good bacteria normally found in the intestinal tract support the digestion of proteins, and reduce fungal infections. Various kinds of acidophilus products are readily available.

I would highly recommend a product called Primal Defense produced by Garden of Life Inc. This product contains seven kinds of beneficial acidophilus, plus 100 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes.

It is also advisable to take Acidophilus whenever taking any kind of antibiotics, in order to repair any damage done to the intestinal flora through the antibiotics. The supplement should not be taken together with the antibiotics as this can negate the effects of the medicine, but either one-hour before, or after taking the medicine.



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