Healing psoriasis is not difficult and not at all complicated. No, don’t spend money on any secret psoriasis cure books that promise you an instant or guaranteed psoriasis cure.


No, unbelievable as it may sound medical intervention is not necessary and will only do more harm than good to your body.

To get your psoriasis under control all you need is pure common sense nutrition.

I emphasize the term common sense since this is something that I feel is severely lacking in the field of psoriasis treatments.

To begin with, what a typical psoriasis patient will find is a direct and open disagreement between the conventional and alternative medical practitioners.

The conventional medical establishment at this time does not at all recognize any connection between proper nutrition and psoriasis.

Any such suggestion put forward by a patient will be dismissed as pure nonsense. The typical reason given for this is, that not enough study has been done to prove the connection between diet and psoriasis.

Even in cases where the patient will choose to go it on his own, and get relief from his symptoms by following a common-sense psoriasis diet and nutritional program, his doctor will typically dismiss this as pure chance.

The reason for this attitude is quite obvious; nutrition is not a subject that is given prime importance in medical school. Doctors are trained in the field of medicine and drugs not nutrition.

It is this general ignorance and hostility towards the nutritional approach to curing disease that sets the tone in the manner that conventional medicine treats psoriasis.

Unfortunately, the average psoriasis patient not knowing any better, will in most cases just trust in his doctors advice and start the medically prescribed regimen for treating psoriasis, which usually involves applying cortisone creams and various other equally hazardous treatments.

In my opinion, visiting a medical doctor for a condition such as psoriasis where thousands of people have found relief through proper nutrition is an absolute waste of time, and only causes the patient unnecessary aggravation, since most of the prescribed treatments are in most cases totally ineffective.

Psoriasis a nutritional problem and not a medical problem. Therefore, asking a medical doctor advice for psoriasis is like asking a plumber advice for a computer malfunction, it is just plain ludicrous! Doctors just don’t understand nutrition period!

When doing research as to how to rid myself of my psoriasis, I was determined to get down to the root of the problem. Therefore, I literally went on a crusade to solve the so-called mystery of psoriasis.

I read almost every book and article available on the topic. I tried remedy after remedy without success. I eventually arrived at a shocking conclusion: that psoriasis is not a disease at all! I then understood that the mistake most psoriasis sufferers and researchers make is in thinking that psoriasis is a disease and therefore should be treated as a disease with powerful drugs.

I discovered that psoriasis is the body’s attempts to release accumulated toxins from the bloodstream.

Yes my dear friends, that’s all there is to it! All you have to do is to stop dumping those toxins into your body through improper lifestyle habits and improper nutrition, and release the toxins that have accumulated in your system with a common sense nutritional program.

What I have found is that millions of dollars of research funds have gone towards finding a remedy for this affliction.

Countless books and articles have been written on the topic. Hundreds of web sites offering all kinds of “cures” and remedies are dedicated to psoriasis.

In my years of research on psoriasis, I have come across every kind of remedy imaginable. Cures with such exotic sounding names like Blue Cap and skin cap are offered with slogans such as, “guaranteed psoriasis cure” and “breakthrough” psoriasis treatment”.

The information that is available on the topic can at times be absolutely confusing.

On the one hand, the official psoriasis organizations like the National Psoriasis Foundation mention absolutely nothing at all about the benefits of nutrition for psoriasis.

The only remedies you will find on their web site are standard medical remedies, which besides for the fact that they are usually ineffective can at times be quite hazardous. These medicines come with a long list of warnings. They are synthetic drugs after all!


Adding to the confusion is the fact mentioned earlier, that, the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge any connection between proper nutrition and psoriasis. This, in my opinion, is utterly ridiculous! It is like claiming that putting dirty oil into your auto engine will not harm your automobile.

How can one expect to have a properly functioning body and good-looking skin, if he stuffs it up with food that’s as good as trash! Yes my friend, that’s exactly what most psoriasis researchers would want you to believe!

I have read many reports written by highly acclaimed medical researchers that advise you to keep on eating all the foods that you have been eating until now even if you have psoriasis, since proper nutrition plays absolutely no role whatsoever in controlling psoriasis.

Of course as we will see, nutrition alone is not the entire problem, there are many other factors involved when it comes to controlling psoriasis, but proper diet has to be the foundation in any psoriasis regimen.

The following statement that I recently came across on a well-respected psoriasis web site, is typical of the advice that the medical establishment dispenses to psoriasis patients.

“There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, that changing your diet will have any effect on the status of your psoriasis symptoms. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you”

I have also seen these very same researchers make the following statement:

“Many people have long reported to their doctor that certain foods seem to aggravate their psoriasis symptoms, but as yet there is no established list of foods that constitute a psoriasis diet”

Well, my dear friends, there is no law that says that you need your doctors agreement to regain your health! If certain foods seem to aggravate your psoriasis symptoms, then maybe food does play a role, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out!

The following statement quoted in a popular psoriasis book, sums up the entire attitude of the medical establishment on the issue of diet and psoriasis.

True, most physicians and scientists would not justify treating psoriasis with diet alone, However, most dermatologists would agree with the National Psoriasis Foundation; If changing or supplementing your diet seems to make an improvement in your psoriasis and is not endangering your overall health you should continue what you are doing”

Let us analyze those last words that give you the sagely advice that you should make changes in your diet for the better, ONLY if it does not endanger your health.

Now, anybody with even a minimum IQ will see the absolute absurdity of this statement.

  • How can making dietary changes for the better endanger your health?
  • How can eliminating processed foods and ingesting more nutrients endanger your health?

That’s it my friends, some people are just so blinded my medical science they just cannot, or will not see the truth.

In recent years, we have seen the medical establishment acknowledge the role that diet plays in controlling conditions such as arthritis and heart disease, but for some reason they cannot, or will not see the obvious connection between diet and psoriasis.

What is really hard to understand is, that the evidence between diet and psoriasis has been steadily growing in the last few years, through the thousands of people that have discovered that they could control their psoriasis symptoms through proper nutrition. So why doesn’t the medical establishment take notice?

I want to share with you the transcript of an interview that I heard recently, pertaining to psoriasis.

Patient; what is your opinion on the issue of diet being beneficial for psoriasis?

I ask you this question because I recently eliminated most of my psoriasis lesions after following a psoriasis diet that I read about in a book written by a well-respected health researcher.

Doctor; I have heard many such antidotal stories in the past from some of my patients. In my opinion, there is no basis whatsoever to this approach, since no long term studies were ever done to verify this.

So there you have it my friends, even if you heal yourself you’re still not healed, due to the fact that medical science has not verified it! Attempting to convince a medical doctor about the benefits of nutrition for psoriasis is like trying to convince an atheist to believe in god, it’s just a waste of time! The reason for this is quite obvious; nutrition is not a part of the curriculum in most medical schools.

So what is the real solution to healing psoriasis naturally? Click here to learn some tips and tricks that will you set you on the way to treating your psoriasis naturally.



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