colonNatural Colon Cleansing

A healthy and clean colon is essential to good health, and is the first step to a healthy you. This makes regular colon cleansing a must.

Everything we eat ends up in our bowels as toxins. As these toxins build up, we end up with various diseases, such as being overweight, constipation and out of control Candida infection.

Why Is Keeping a Clean Colon So Important?

A sluggish, constipated, swollen bowel, retaining pounds of old fecal matter can either compress a nearby area causing disease, or emit infection and toxins which can affect and infect any area of the body.

The entire colon is so big that it is connected to, touches, sits next to or is in the vicinity of every major organ in the human body except the brain.

It also touches most of your major blood vessels and nerves. Constipation causes the colon to literally swell, expand and even herniate. And according to the leading medical books, it is happening to all of us.

A clean colon, that has a healthy balance of intestinal flora, is the body’s first line of defense. However, our internal detoxification and elimination process can breakdown from:

  • Exposure to pollution in our air
  • Food and water
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of adequate fiber
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Caffeine and sugar
  • High stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Overuse of antibiotics
  • Prescription medications

This creates a toxic overload, setting the stage for digestive and other health complaints. When this happens, toxins can circulate into the bloodstream instead of being properly eliminated through the colon.

Why Should I Do A Natural Colon Cleanse?

Doing a colon cleanse periodically eliminates the waste and blockage that can make you toxic and sick.

It allows the body to clean itself out, heal, and then properly and efficiently remove waste from he body on a regular basis. A complete cleanse will flush out thousands of toxins, poisons, pollutants, drugs, radioactive material, heavy metals, pounds of old fecal matter, intestinal worms and parasites, and more. It is an extremely beneficial program that promotes incredible over-all health and vitality as well as proper colon function.


Most people would be amazed at what actually comes out of an average “healthy” person during a colon cleanse. Quite often there are rock hard discs, dark lumpy strings, sheets or flakes of brown mucous and last but not least the occasional tape worm. All of which are disgusting to look at (not to mention the smell!). It is not surprising why people shy away from discussing the subject or decide not to have colonic treatment. However, if the average person is carrying around all this toxic sludge how can they possibly have a healthy body? This unwanted build-up within the colon interferes with peristalsis (the rippling motion of the colon) and can be a primary cause of constipation.

Natural Colon Cleansing Is Important Because….

If your body is not eliminating waste matter properly, the waste matter will stick around your body, and no matter how many salves you put on your skin, or how many vitamins and herbs you ingest, the junk in your system will just keep on pestering you!

When discussing detoxification, it is important to differentiate between toxins in the bowels and toxins in the bloodstream.

Toxins in the bowels refer to waste matter that has gathered in the bowels [colon] and is awaiting expulsion. When this natural expulsion does not occur, due to constipation that stems from wrong dietary habits, the waste matter will accumulate in the bowels [colon] and eventually leak back into the bloodstream. In addition, the impacted waste matter will prevent essential nutrients from being absorbed into the bloodstream. This condition is medically known as bowel toxemia.

Keep in mind that, the colon is the focal point of your food processing system. IT MUST BE running smoothly for you to function at your best.

Waste should be eliminated through the bowels regularly at least a 1-2 times per day. This is due to the fact that a healthy colon eliminates waste in 6-12 hours.

A sluggish bowel can actually retain pounds of old toxic and poisonous fecal matter. Modern dietary habits have caused that the colon and digestive tract of nearly every adult is burdened with a lifetime of accumulation of toxic waste materials. Most people’s colons, instead of being fast moving sewer systems, have become stagnant cesspools.

How Do You Do A Natural Colon Cleanse?

The best prevention and healing strategy is cleaning up your diet and cleansing the body of toxins, poisons and accumulated waste. And the colon is the most important place to start.

Therefore, the first and most important step in any colon cleansing program is to change your diet – stop any more toxins from entering your system.

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