Importance of Good Digestive Health and Psoriasis

Learn how improving your digestive health can bring significant relief to your psoriasis symptoms.


Many psoriasis patients are afflicted by some degree with some type of abnormal digestive problem. These may include indigestion, constipation and leaky gut syndrome. In fact, leaky gut syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome often precede the onset of psoriasis symptoms.

Proper digestive health is basic to the healthy function of every organ system in the body. If your digestion is bad, nutrients from your food aren’t made available for absorption. It’s been said that health begins in the stomach. When the digestive system is not working properly, the whole body suffers.

It is estimated that about 90% of all disease have nutritional links that can be relieved or prevented when optimizing nutrition & digestion.

Skin rash, bad breath, headache, fatigue, overweight, and premature aging can all result from poor digestion.

Scientists have discovered that most psoriasis sufferers have a defect in the way their body processes proteins. One group of these, the toxic metabolites of two crucial amino acids found in animal protein, arginine and ornithine, have been found in the blood of psoriasis patients. Elevated levels of polyamines have been shown to cause and aggravate psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

When your digestive system is not operating properly, the unhealthy toxic environment actually destroys the lining of the digestive tract causing a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Leaky gut refers to an increased permeability of the intestinal wall, resulting in the increased passage of substances from the intestines to the bloodstream. In other words, large spaces develop between the cells of the gut wall and bacteria, toxins, and food leak in. The body does not recognize them and activates the immune system to search and destroy. The result is inflammation.

In relation to food, this is the most common single cause of food allergies and skin conditions. Numerous studies have shown that psoriasis is strongly linked with leaky gut syndrome.

To Improve Your Digestive Function It is recommended that you:

PrimalDefense POWDER1. Take a Good Probiotic Supplement To Correct Your Candida Infection.

Candida infection in the intestinal tract has been proven to be the root cause of psoriasis in many people. In a recent study, twenty-one out of thirty-four people with psoriasis were found to have Candida albicans.


A poor balance of intestinal flora due to stress, diet, medications, or other factors often leads to bacterial and fungal infection. In fact, many people with psoriasis have colonization of fungus in their digestive system and on their skin.

This is due to the fact that these bad bacteria are toxins that infect the body cells, (Candida has been found to produce 79 distinct toxins), and as we have previously learned the skin is a primary mode of exit for toxins.

Researchers have actually shown that Candida causes all the changes in the skin characteristic of psoriasis. When Candida is injected into the skin of an experimental animal the skin lesions of psoriasis, including, scaling and thickening develop.

Probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria bifidum, help restore a balance of friendly bacteria to the body’s digestive tract thus aiding in digestion and therefore can help to reduce psoriasis symptoms The acidophilus repopulates your digestive tract with microorganisms that are beneficial to the digestive tract, helps further break down your food, and competes for space and nutrients with harmful microorganisms that may be present, diminishing their numbers.

I would highly recommend a product called Primal Defense produced by Garden of Life Inc. This product contains seven kinds of beneficial acidophilus, plus 100 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.

digestive enzyme product-for-psoriasis2. Take a Good Digestive Enzyme Supplement Product.

Enzymes are essential for the digestion and absorption of food, for it’s conversion into body tissue, and for production of energy at the cellular level.

Enzymes are the most important unit in the human body, because every chemical change that takes place to repair tissue, or to assimilate food, involves the activity of enzymes. Without enzyme activity there is no life. No plant or animal can live without the activity of its enzymes

Consuming foods that are enzyme deficient puts great stress on the digestive system, being, that the body must produce its own enzymes in order to break down the food products. This can lead to various digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, arthritis, allergies, and various skin conditions including psoriasis.

Luckily, there is a very simple solution to this problem, which is to consume natural digestive enzymes in tablet or powder form. Many people who suffer from the effects of severe digestive problems for many years have found almost instantaneous relief by taking digestive enzymes.

I would personally highly recommend the superior digestive enzyme product Omegazyme Ultra, produced by Garden of Life USA.

Omegazyme Ultra is the ultimate digestive enzyme formula, supporting more complete digestion of food. This product is the Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend supplement, supporting gastrointestinal health and digestion through a highly potent, comprehensive formula that delivers higher activity per serving of a broader range of enzymes than other leading enzyme formulas.



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