The Dangers of Chlorinated Water and Breast Cancer

For any woman who is concerned about the risk of breast cancer, it is becoming increasingly obvious that removing chlorine from the faucet and showerhead is an absolute necessity.

Studies show that there is a high correlation between chlorine and breast cancer.

The rise in patients with Breast Cancer among women in North America has recently been linked to the accumulation of chlorine compounds in the breast tissue.

Most people think of chlorine as an ingredient that is only found in swimming pools. Chlorine is also found inside the home and is used by municipal water suppliers to purify and disinfect tap water. Individuals that are concerned about chlorine in their home can purchase water filters that can be used on faucets and showerheads.

According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, “Cancer risk among people using chlorinated water is as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.”

Recent research has linked breast cancer to a buildup of chlorine compounds in the breast tissue.

According to the,“One common factor among women with breast cancer is that they all have 50 to 60 percent higher levels of these chlorination by-products (THMs) in their fat tissue than women without breast cancer ”.

In a shocking study conducted in Hartford, Connecticut, researchers found that “women with breast cancer have 50% to 60% higher levels of organochlorines (chlorination byproducts) in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer.” While chlorine can make its way into our bodies in several ways, there is no means of access more common or more frequent than the ingestion of common, unfiltered tap water.

When chlorine is added to our water, it combines with other natural compounds to form trihalomethanes (chlorination byproducts), or THMs. These chlorine byproducts trigger the production of free radicals in the body, causing cell damage, and are highly carcinogenic. Chlorine is also suspected of contributing to hardening of the arteries, the primary cause of heart disease.

Chlorine is perhaps one of the most dangerous and insidious poisons in our drinking water supply. Surprisingly, it is a municipal additive to drinking water. Water treatment facilities use chlorine as a powerful disinfectant to kill or inactivate biological water contaminants, but that same chlorine that is so toxic to biological contaminants is also poisonous to our bodies. Chlorine in drinking water is currently a leading cause of bladder and rectal cancer and asthma. Health officials are now linking chlorine ingestion to breast cancer, as well.

Drinking water that is not chlorinated or fluoridated is very important since both fluoride and chlorine affect the functioning of bodily organs.


The body’s water supply is responsible for and involved in nearly every bodily process, including digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion.  Water is also the primary transporter of nutrients throughout the body and so is necessary for all building functions in the body.

The water that you drink is involved in every process undertaken by your body like digestion and circulation. In addition, the water supply in your body is the conduit of nutrients vital to the existence of your body.

Austrian and Japanese researchers both found that a concentration of 1 PPM fluoride causes disruption of the body’s ability to repair its own DNA. Without this most basic cell function, cancer is promoted, and tumor growth is accelerated.

The absolute necessity of installing a good quality shower filter

One of the most shocking revelations common to all of these studies is that up to 2/3s of our harmful exposure to chlorine is due to inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering.

Although a shower filter may seem somewhat superfluous or unnecessary (due to the fact that we do not drink showering water), many contaminants can make their way into the body in more ways than through simple ingestion. The same contaminants that may cause cancer and other harmful health problems when ingested can cause equally harmful health problems when absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

Chlorine is a prime suspect in the cause of breast cancer, since the poisons seep into the fatty tissues of the body where they can cause problems.

A warm shower opens up the pores of the skin and allows rapid penetration of chlorine and other chemicals in water.

The U.S. EPA recently stated, “Due to chlorine and showering, virtually every home in America has a detectable level of chloroform gas in the air.” When chlorine vaporizes in steam, and combines with other organic compounds in the air, it converts to chloroform. Chloroform is a strong respiratory irritant and causes fatigue. It has been found that taking just one shower will expose you to 20 gallons of cancer –causing chemicals. The heat of the water causes pores to expand and these enlarged pores absorb chlorine instantly.

Chlorine has a particularly insidious effect on the body when inhaled in its gaseous form. Because chlorine vaporizes at a much faster rate than water, chlorine fumes are a prevalent part of any showering experience in which unfiltered water is used.

Conclusion: It is clear and experts agree that chlorine represents a very real and serious threat to our health and should be removed both from the water we drink and the water we shower with.

Chlorine can easily be removed from water by using a good quality water filter. Shower filters attach easily and are available at most health food stores.

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