Capsaicin, an Extract of Cayenne pepper Is Effective for The Treatment of Psoriasis

Capsaicin, a natural ingredient in cayenne pepper, has shown evidence of reducing the redness, scaling, and itching that is commonly associated with psoriasis. Many have found that a cream containing capsaicin helped relieve itching and got rid of psoriasis plaques.


Cayenne is a primary ingredient in numerous over-the-counter and some prescription creams used for the treatment of psoriasis.

What is Capsicum or cayenne pepper?

Capsicum or cayenne pepper, a shrub prevalent in many tropical and subtropical climates, is an important ingredient of many cuisines around the world. It has been used in traditional medical systems as a remedy for digestive and circulatory problems, poor appetite, and to relieve muscle and arthritic pain. Capsaicin is marketed in capsule form and as an ingredient in topical creams.

Capsaicin has been shown to interfere with a molecule that relays pain sensations to the brain. The main side effect to using capsaicin is a mild stinging or burning sensation at the application site.

A double-blind placebo controlled study with around 200 people involved has shown that Capsaicin helps the redness, scaling and itching of the skin in the people with psoriasis, when compared with the effect of a placebo.

Capsaicin can and should be taken both topically and orally for psoriasis. Cayenne has been used orally and topically for medicinal purposes.

1. Topical Capsaicin for psoriasis

Considerable evidence, both in animals and humans, indicates that Capsaicin is quite effective against psoriasis when applied topically to the skin. Capsaicin topical cream can get rid of psoriasis scales and allow the skin to heal normally.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of almost 200 people found that use of topical capsaicin can improve itching as well as overall severity of psoriasis. Benefits were also seen in a smaller double-blind trial.

Two clinical trials reviewed in the November 1998 issue of Archives of Dermatology reported that 0.025 percent capsaicin cream, made from hot peppers, works to reduce the redness and scaling in psoriasis.

Over the course of the study, significantly greater overall improvement was observed on sides treated with capsaicin compared to sides treated with vehicle. Similarly, significantly greater reductions in scaling and erythema accompanied capsaicin application.


Burning, stinging, itching, and redness of the skin were noted by nearly half of the patients on initial applications of study medication but diminished or vanished upon continued application. These results suggest that topical application of capsaicin may be a useful new approach in the treatment of psoriasis.

Which Capsicum creams are recommended for psoriasis?

Capsaicin cream is available over the counter as Capzasin-P or Zostrix. It should be used over a six-week period. Care should be taken not to apply it to broken skin.

How to use:  Apply the capsaicin cream 3-4 times daily so you can stay very comfortable all day long.

It takes about a week for the cream to work. After using the cream for a week you will notice that the lesions are less red and are showing signs of actual healing. It may cause an initial, brief burning sensation when applied to plaques, and it must be kept away from the eyes and mucous membranes because it can produce an intense burning sensation that is certainly irritating.

Oral Capsaicin for psoriasis

The active ingredient in Capsaicin, is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, and when consumed orally, Capsaicin can help reduce skin lesions and stop any bleeding.

How to benefit from capsaicin?

Of course is you don’t mind the burning sensation of raw hot peppers then go ahead and munch on raw hot peppers.

A much better option is to take a high quality capsaicin supplement product.

Which capsaicin supplement product would I recommend?

cayenne-psoriasisIn my opinion, the most potent capsaicin supplement product currently available is  Cool Cayenne formulas by Solaray.

As a general rule, the higher the Heat Units the Cayenne contains the better it will work for you.

Cool Cayenne formulas by Solaray  contain 40000 cayenne heat units per capsule and that has been completed by the unique and proprietary BioCool process. This process keeps the cayenne in its natural, spicy hot form, but now, it won’t burn your digestion, stomach. This is accomplished by simply processing 40000 heat-unit cayenne with 100% natural ingredients including Ginger Root, modified guar gum, vegetable fiber and annato.

Suggested use:

A typical dosage consists of 800 mg cayenne in capsule form three times daily before meals, but always follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results. According to the University of Michigan Health System, you may also take 1 ml cayenne pepper tincture three times daily or make an infusion by steeping 1 tsp. cayenne powder in 1 cup boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain and mix 1 tsp. of the infusion with a glass of water. Drink three to four times daily, as needed.



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