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The Washington Post reported recently that a majority of Americans are now trying to cure their ills with prayer or unconventional remedies, including herbal tonics, acupuncture, massage and yoga.

A new government survey of more than 31,000 U.S. adults nationwide, the most comprehensive assessment of the use of alternative medicine in the United States, found that 36 percent are using some kind of “complementary and alternative” therapy. That number jumps to 62 percent when prayer is included.

Yes, people ARE searching for natural health Information and natural health remedies.

The problem is that it’s a virtual jungle out there. Information overload, misinformation, propaganda, self interest etc.  The search Engines are saturated with all kinds of  “natural cures” “natural  remedies” and natural health advice.

Countless books and articles have been written on the topic of natural health. There are literally thousands of web sites offering all kinds of “instant”  “natural cures” and remedies.

There is a great deal of advice about diet, nutritional supplements and natural healing in magazines, books, and on the Internet. Much of the information is confusing. Claims are made for many food supplements and diets, suggesting that they may help for many ailments.

One article on health will say one thing, another article will say something else. One day, some type of food or supplement  is good for you, and the next day research says that food or supplement is bad for you.

Some of the advice particularly on the Internet, is given by companies who produce food supplements, and who have an obvious interest in you buying their products!

Some people end up taking expensive food supplements or following elaborate and inconvenient diets which do not help, or may even be harmful. Often the same results can be achieved by simpler, cheaper methods. For example, it is generally better to get the vitamins you need from food, rather than take supplements.

Searching the Internet, reading books, going to health seminars and so on is guaranteed to hopelessly confuse anyone searching for natural health and natural healing information  The key to healing  naturally then, is the RIGHT information.

You want independent and impartial advice – and you’ve come to the right place.

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To be your legitimate and ultimate source of information on all natural health and common sense health and natural healing methods.  We know there are a lot of scams out there, and we understand that you need to be cautious. That’s why we do not sell any health and healing “secrets” or magical  “cures”. All the information found on this site is based on all natural common sense health and healing techniques.

What Makes Us Authorities?

We don’t claim to be authorities. We only claim to be dedicated researchers on all natural common sense health and natural  remedies.

You can read this information and decide for yourself whether you are interested in trying any suggested remedies or supplements. We are not medical professionals and we don’t know you. You are the only one who can decide what is best for you.

It’s time we take our health into our own hands instead of relying on the billion dollar mega-food industry and the medical establishment to keep us healthy.

It’s time to wake up, become accountable, and ask questions!  We cannot be led around by medical and food industry mega-dollar. Join me in shedding light on the truth about health. It’s not complicated, it’s just plain common sense!

Some of the subjects that you will find are among the following:

  • Nutrition & Food – Take control of your feeding habits and enjoy the benefits.
  • Digestive Health – Everything you can do to improve your digestion thereby improving your quality of life.
  • Health Conditions – An expanding reference about various diseases and their respective natural treatments.
  • Skin Health & Care – Discover how to look better in a healthy way.
  • Healthy Fats – Vital information about the dangers of refined chemically saturated fats and the benefits of natural fats.
  • Detoxification – Learn why it is vital for anyone to do a periodic detoxification and the various methods on how to detoxify.
  • Food Additives – The dangers of artificial food additives and how to avoid them.

At Common -Sense- Health….

We discuss the health benefits of whole foods, whole food supplements, and natural therapies for various health conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and psoriasis.

We will also cover how natural health remedies can treat a variety of conditions and promote general well-being.

Learn about: omega 3 fish oils, detoxification, colon cleansing, an effective and safe Candida herbal remedy, a proven herbal hair loss supplement, an all-natural diabetes remedy that can help you fight insulin resistance with no side effects and much more.

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